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  1. How many cycles ?

    Hi, I have completed 4 cycles with no embryos for testing. I always get approx 12-14 eggs with approx 4-5 fertilising. They however struggle to get past day 3.
    I am looking for any stories of people who have had to go through multiple cycles to get success. I am cycling in Australia and have had approval fro sex selection due to a genetic condition. I am 38 and cycling at a very good clinic. I am just wondering if my luck is up. I can think of nothing else at the moment.
    Appreciate ...
  2. Veggie Veggie No Meat

    I am doing pretty good with no meat! It's been 12 days but last week I had very small amount one day. I think maybe once a week having small serving. Just so I don't go nuts and crave it. Also if as long as I'm staying in the limits I feel okay with that.
    Today I had egg plant for dinner. Tomorrow will have some sort of veggie sandwich.
    I need to head out and buy some more salad mix. I love having salad on a white tortilla wrap with small amount of Cesar dressing. For lunch
  3. My LE Diet Blog

    Praying and hoping and giving all I can give for one more shot of having another daughter!

    I will be posting in my blog, so once I become pregnant, I can chill out and relax what I ate and for how long.

    My goal is 12 weeks! To me the diet is the strongest sway, I will update once I start full cardio. Which I hope will be soon but most likely after the holiday, because I am super busy shopping etc.

    Let start the date of December ...
  4. All aboard the HT train again?

    Today I had my counselling session and my baseline scans.

    Scan went ok - 10 on the left, 9 on the right, so AFC of 19. Phew. Cautiously optimistic but waiting for the rest of the pretesting to know for sure, won't know that till June 24 for my followup.

    My counsellor shocked me - she really thinks I should go full steam ahead with HT and PGS to get my girl. It seems I managed to get a counsellor who clearly has GD herself, though she had infertility struggles and never ...

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  5. New to sight looking for advice:)

    Hello ladies

    I am new here and looking for any help I can get! I have two boys 4 and 2 and my hubby and I are going to be trying for our third and last in late summer/ fall! We are really wanting to sway for a girl:) no one understands how much I long for a girl! My hubby says we have a 50/50 chance! I would love a boy or girl but I know I would always feel a void if I don't have a girl of my own:( where do I start I've been looking and there is so much to look at? For those of you ...
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