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    Successful girl sway!

    Gender Result:
    DW Age:
    DH Age:
    Current Children's Gender(s)
    2 boys
    Number of Months TTC
    3 months followed by m/c, bfp 1st full cycle after m/c (My OB told me once I had af, we were ok to start ttc)
    Did you purchase and follow a GD Personalized Plan?
    Did you follow a diet plan?
    If yes to diet, which one did you most follow?

    Comments regarding DW's diet changes-
    I followed the LE diet strictly when TTC the first time. After the m/c, it was very hard for me to be as strict. Miscarrying made me feel bad about having such a strong preference for gender.
    Did you skip breakfast regularly?
    Did DH change his diet with you?
    Comments regarding DH's diet-
    He has a horrible diet, and usually eats fast food at work. When at home, he ate what I fixed him, which was usually some kind of chicken casserole or pasta.
    DId you consume alcohol?

    Did you try to limit caffeine?
    Any Diet Details?
    I would skip breakfast, and for lunch, I would usually eat a baked potato. DH works nights about half the time, so I would fix the boys dinner, and I would usually eat egg whites on a piece of toast. When DH was home, I would fix a meal for everyone, but never with red meat. I would either eat a very small portion of meat, or none at all. We would go out for pizza about once a week, and I would eat a slice of pizza with a side salad. I would always need something sweet to eat at night, and I found Starburst FaveRed jelly beans, and they are the best! They only sell them around valentines day and Easter, so get them now and stock up! Also, chex mix makes muddy buddies, and I would eat a serving of that every now and then for my chocolate craving.
    Lunch/dinner ideas:
    I would make this with low sodium chicken broth
    Lemon Cream Pasta with Chicken
    I would make this too using regular milk, and low sodium chicken broth as well
    Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole {without soup} | Skip To My Lou
    (For both recipes, I would try to eat around the chicken)

    Any Diet Comments/Additional Info?
    What did you weigh/BMI do leading up to O?
    For the first pregnancy I was down to about 106 lbs when I got my bfp, the m/c caused me to lose even more weight. After a couple weeks, I gained a few pounds, and remained there while ttc the 2nd time.
    Any Weight/Exercise related additional info/comments?
    No exercise
    pH Before Starting a Sway Program, if known
    Any VG potions used?

    CM pH at attempt
    DH pH
    How many BD attempts did you make for the BFP cycle?
    We just dtd as often as possible. When I felt O was getting close, we dtd every day.

    BD Position
    Did you Jump and Dump?

    Any relevant attempt details?
    DW Supplements
    folic acid
    acidophilus (I was trying to get rid of yeast infection)
    vitex from af to O (but O was about 6 days later than i was expecting)

    DH Supplements

    Any additional supplement info?
    Did you do anything with Ions?

    The weather was beautiful the week we were ttc, so we were outside all the time. It was also very windy.
    Moon Phase during conception?
    Did you use any Old Wives Tales?
    Things that make me feel great about my sway:
    Things that make me nervous about my sway:
    -I had alot of cm! After m/c, i was so desperate to get pregnant again, I didn't care as much about the diet and dtd patterns. I just wanted a baby!
    Things worth mentioning:
    - The week of O, I got a yeast infection, and I hardly ever get those. The last time I had a yeast infection, I used the one-day monistat stuff, and it was awful. I knew I was going to O soon, so I decided to try to get rid of it naturally asap. I read about pouring a cup of pure apple cider vinegar into bath water and sit in it for 20 minutes. I did that 2 or 3 times a day for 3 days, and it kept the infection under control and got rid of it. I O'd a couple days later.

    I got a +OPK on the 1 year anniversary of my grandmother's death. I like to think she had something to do with giving me a daughter on the same day that she died. She had 2 sons also.

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    Huge congrats!!! So happy for you!!!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    CUSTOM SWAYERS if your coaching thread is more than 50 pages long please start a new post with a link to the old one (so I can still reference it easily) thank you!

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    Congratulations on your little girl!
    Mom to (2009), (2011), and with a!

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    YAY!! Congrats!!!

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    DS1 2009 DS2 2011

    At around fifteen weeks sadly one of our babies became an angel fx for a healthy singleton!

    *Update it's a girl! fx she'll make it!*

    Thank you atomic praying our dream will come true

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