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Thread: Linea nigra

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    Linea nigra

    There is a black line that goes up your abdomen near your belly button. It is called linea nigra, meaning dark line. If it goes straight thru the belly button it is a , if it goes around or continues above not in a straight line it is a .

    Mine goes only above the belly button
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    funny enough i don't have one yet at all.....and i am 12 weeks already i wuld have expected a tart of a line....with my sons i had one starting from my bikini line and then going to my belly button and up and eventually getting darker too....with my daughter i remember getting it too but cannot remember when it started but do know it wasn't as quick as with my boys....and it was lighter....i have NO IDEA with this one...but am hoping it is a good sign for another girl.....

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